Appendix B: Accessories

The Canon Rebel T5i/700D body is just a starting point. The list of accessories available for your camera is long and can get expensive quickly. It is important to think through your purchase decisions. The accessories you choose have a lot to do with the type of photography you want to pursue. For example, food photography requires different accessories than landscape work does. The best place to start is investing in quality lenses. A tripod is also a smart purchase for both still photography and video. If you plan to create serious videos, you will need support accessories, lights, and microphones. I like to purchase grips for my cameras because it makes them feel more solid, and they also hold two batteries for a longer shooting time. Finally, don’t forget that you need a camera bag to hold your equipment and keep it safe.

Grips and Remotes

A grip fits on the bottom of your camera and stores two batteries. It also adds weight to your camera, which some photographers consider a benefit because it makes it easier to balance. Remotes give you the ability to take long exposures (beyond the 30-second limit) with your camera. An intervalometer is a more advanced remote control that can be programmed to take multiple photographs over specific periods of time.

The Canon grip for your T5i/700D is the BG-E8. It is useful for several reasons. First, you can shoot more comfortably holding the camera vertically. The grip also holds two batteries, giving you longer ...

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