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Exploring Your Canon EOS Rebel SL1/100D

This pint-sized dSLR comes with a shooting mode for every photographer. If you're new to digital photography, or you've graduated from a point-and-shoot digital camera, Canon gives you several modes to create great photographs automatically. Think of these as your training wheels. And if you're a seasoned photographer, Canon also gives you quite a few modes where you can take the reins and create the type of photograph you want. Add Creative Filters, in-camera editing, plus in-camera HDR, and you've got a potent tool for creating cool images.


Getting familiar with all this new technology might seem daunting, even to a seasoned photographer. I was impressed, albeit a tad flummoxed, when I saw the first reviews for this camera. Even though I'm a seasoned Canon dSLR user — my first digital SLR was the EOS 10D — I still had a bit of a learning curve when I first started experimenting ...

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