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Ten Cool Projects

Ah, another Part of Tens chapter. You guessed it — a list about stuff you can do with your camera, your images, and the software that came with it. In this chapter, I show you some interesting things, such as using Creative Filters, creating abstract images, editing your images, and more. So if you're up for extra bits of useful information, prop up your feet, get comfortable, and read on.


Cropping JPEG Images In-Camera

If don't have image-editing software installed on your computer, or you're on vacation with a laptop with no image-editing software, you'll be happy to know that you can do minimal editing in your camera. One editing option you have is to crop away unwanted pixels and then save the edited image as a new file. To crop an image in-camera (JPEG only, not RAW images or movies)

  1. 1. Press the Menu button and then use the cross keys to navigate ...

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