Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D For Dummies

Book description

Get picture-perfect shots with your Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D

Your Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D is capable of taking incredibly cool and truly frame-worthy photos, but unless you know how use it properly your pictures won't be worth a thousand words. Luckily, Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D For Dummies is packed with the tips, tricks, and instruction you'd gain in a photography course to take the intimidation out of working with your new camera—so you can start taking stunning photos right away.

Assuming no prior experience in photography, this book gets you up to speed on core photography concepts, then shows you how to grasp using the features specific to the Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D, like working in automatic mode, controlling exposure, selecting the best lens for the job, using shutter and aperture priority modes, knowing how and when to use flash, and so much more. Whether you're looking to capture lovely landscapes, perfect portraits, awesome action shots—or anything in between—the friendly guidance you'll find inside offers everything you need to get the shot...every time.

  • Get started in automatic mode before working up to advanced features

  • Take control of your camera's exposure, lighting, color, and focus settings

  • Shoot better portraits and action shots

  • Get great shots every time—even in low light and when composing close-ups

  • Complemented by online supplements that cover the unique features of the companion T6i/750D at, this hands-on guide will take your pictures from bland to beautiful in a flash!

    Table of contents

      1. Cover
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      3. Part I: Fast Track to Super Snaps
        1. Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running
          1. Preparing the Camera for Initial Use
          2. Using the Touch Screen
          3. Ordering from Camera Menus
          4. Exploring External Camera Features
          5. Using the Monitor as a Viewfinder: Live View Shooting
          6. Monitoring Critical Picture Settings
          7. Changing Settings via the Quick Control Screen
          8. Familiarizing Yourself with the Lens
          9. Working with Memory Cards
          10. Reviewing Basic Setup Options
        2. Chapter 2: Choosing Basic Picture Settings
          1. Choosing an Exposure Mode
          2. Changing the Drive Mode
          3. Setting Resolution and File Type (The Image Quality Setting)
          4. Adding Flash
        3. Chapter 3: Taking Great Pictures, Automatically
          1. Shooting in Auto and Flash Off Modes
          2. Taking Advantage of Scene Modes
          3. Gaining More Control with Creative Auto
      4. Part II: Taking Creative Control
        1. Chapter 4: Taking Charge of Exposure
          1. Introducing the Exposure Trio: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
          2. Stepping Up to Advanced Exposure Modes (P, Tv, Av, and M)
          3. Monitoring Exposure Settings
          4. Choosing an Exposure Metering Mode
          5. Setting ISO, f-stop, and Shutter Speed
          6. Sorting Through Your Camera’s Exposure-Correction Tools
          7. Locking Autoexposure Settings
          8. Bracketing Exposures Automatically
        2. Chapter 5: Controlling Focus and Depth of Field
          1. Setting the Lens Focus Mode
          2. Exploring Viewfinder Focusing Options
          3. Adjusting Autofocus Performance
          4. Focusing During Live View and Movie Shooting
          5. Manipulating Depth of Field
        3. Chapter 6: Mastering Color Controls
          1. Understanding the White Balance Setting
          2. Taking a Quick Look at Picture Styles
        4. Chapter 7: Putting It All Together
          1. Recapping Basic Picture Settings
          2. Shooting Still Portraits
          3. Capturing Action
          4. Capturing Scenic Vistas
          5. Capturing Dynamic Close-Ups
          6. Coping with Special Situations
        5. Chapter 8: Shooting and Viewing Movies
          1. Recording Your First Movie Using the Default Settings
          2. Customizing Movie Recording Settings
          3. Playing Movies
      5. Part III: After the Shot
        1. Chapter 9: Picture Playback
          1. Disabling and Adjusting Image Review
          2. Viewing Pictures in Playback Mode
          3. Viewing Picture Data
          4. Viewing Your Photos on a Television
        2. Chapter 10: Working with Picture and Movie Files
          1. Deleting Files
          2. Protecting Photos and Movies
          3. Rating Photos and Movies
          4. Cropping Photos
          5. Installing the Canon Software
          6. Sending Pictures to the Computer
          7. Converting Raw Images in Digital Photo Professional
          8. Preparing Pictures for Online Sharing
      6. Part IV: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 11: Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera
          1. Changing the Function of the Set Button
          2. Customizing the AE Lock and Shutter Button
          3. Disabling the AF-Assist Beam
          4. Silencing the Camera
          5. Preventing Shutter Release without a Memory Card
          6. Reducing the Number of Exposure Stops
          7. Creating Your Own Camera Menu
          8. Creating Custom Folders
          9. Turning Off the Shooting Settings Screen
          10. Changing the Color Space from sRGB to Adobe RGB
        2. Chapter 12: Ten Features to Explore on a Rainy Day
          1. Enabling Mirror Lockup
          2. Adding Cleaning Instructions to Images
          3. Tagging Files with Your Copyright Claim
          4. Exploring Two Special Printing Options
          5. Adding Special Effects to Your Photos
          6. Tagging Pictures for a Photo Book
          7. Presenting a Slide Show
          8. Creating Video Snapshots
          9. Trimming Movies
          10. Exploring Wi-Fi Functions
      7. About the Authors
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. Connect with Dummies
      10. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D For Dummies
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2015
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781119128830