Chapter 4

Taking Charge of Exposure

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a grip on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

arrow Exploring advanced exposure modes: P, Tv, Av, and M

arrow Choosing an exposure metering mode

arrow Tweaking autoexposure results

arrow Taking advantage of Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB)


Understanding exposure is one of the most intimidating challenges for a new photographer — and for good reason. Discussions of the topic are loaded with technical terms — aperture, metering, shutter speed, and ISO, to name just a few — and your camera offers many exposure controls, all sporting equally foreign names.

We fully relate to the confusion you may be feeling — we’ve been there. But we can also promise that when you take things nice and slow, digesting a piece of the exposure pie at a time, the topic is not as complicated as it seems on the surface. The payoff will be worth your time, too: You’ll not ...

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