Chapter 1

Getting Up and Running


Preparing the camera for its first outing

Getting acquainted with camera features

Viewing and adjusting camera settings

Setting a few basic preferences

If you’re like many people, shooting for the first time with a dSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera produces a blend of excitement and anxiety. On one hand, you can’t wait to start using your new equipment, but on the other, you’re a little intimidated by all its buttons, dials, and menu options.

Well, fear not: This chapter provides the information you need to start getting comfortable with your Rebel T6/1300D. The first section walks you through initial camera setup. Following that, you can get an overview of camera controls, discover how to view and adjust camera settings, work with lenses and memory cards, and get my take on some basic setup options.

Preparing the Camera for Initial Use

After unpacking your camera, you have to assemble a few parts. In addition to the camera body and the supplied battery (be sure to charge it before the first use), you need a lens and a memory card. Later sections in this chapter provide details about lenses and memory cards, but here’s what you need to know up front:

  • Lens: Your camera accepts Canon EF and EF-S model lenses. The 18–55mm kit lens sold as a bundle with the camera body falls into the EF-S category; some retailers are also offering a deal that includes the 75–300mm Canon EF lens. If you want to buy a non-Canon lens, check the ...

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