Chapter 6

Mastering Color Controls


check Exploring white balance and its effect on color

check Creating a custom White Balance setting

check Fine-tuning all White Balance settings

check Bracketing white balance

check Experimenting with Picture Styles

check Setting the color space (sRGB or Adobe RGB)

Compared with certain camera settings — resolution, aperture, shutter speed, and so on — your camera’s color options are fairly simple to figure out. Most color problems can be easily fixed by adjusting one setting, White Balance. And getting a grip on color requires learning only a couple of new terms, an unusual state of affairs for an endeavor that often seems more like university-level science than art.

Some of the settings screens you use to adjust color options, on the other hand, are more than a little confusing, often presenting symbols or letters that don’t offer much of a clue as to their meaning. ...

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