Chapter 9

Picture Playback


check Exploring picture playback functions

check Magnifying your picture to check details

check Deciphering the picture information displays

check Understanding histograms

Without question, one of the best things about digital photography is being able to view pictures right after you shoot them. No more guessing whether you got the shot you want or need to try again; no more wasting money on developing and printing pictures that stink.

Displaying your pictures is just the start of the things your camera can do in Playback mode, though. You also can see which settings you used to take the picture, view graphics that alert you to exposure problems, and magnify a photo to check details. This chapter introduces you to these playback features and more.

Note: Although some playback features discussed in this chapter work for movies as well as still photos, some functions do not. The sections describing each feature spell out whether it’s available for movies or not. For help with movie-only playback steps, see the end of Chapter 8.

Adjusting Automatic Image Review ...

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