Chapter 1. Anatomy of the PowerShot G11

Now that you've covered the Quick Tour and probably have had some fun test driving your new camera in a variety of shooting situations, it's time to move on and explore the key features and components of your PowerShot G11. This first chapter brings you up to speed with the most readily accessible controls of the G11 that are located on the outside of the camera: the buttons, dials, and 4-Way Controller.

Many of you may be upgrading from a previous G-series camera, but there are plenty of new features on the G11 that require a more detailed look. Bear in mind, this info comes to you from a professional photographer who has been using digital cameras for several years and is impressed with the wide array of convenient features and shooting modes that the G11 offers.

Anatomy of the PowerShot G11

Magidah Sa'id, belly dancer, instructor, and entrepreneur photographed in her studio for INUR Magazine. Taken in Manual mode at ISO 400, f/7.1, 1/160 second with a 11.1mm lens setting.

Camera Controls

In the Quick Tour, I briefly told you where some of the controls were located and outlined some simple settings to start taking pictures right away. You should be pretty familiar with the basic buttons and dials you need to use to make your initial settings. This section covers the camera from all sides so you can fully understand the layout of all the controls available to you on the outside ...

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