Chapter 6. Everyday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11

The first five chapters of this book dealt with introducing you to the operational modes of your Canon PowerShot G11, choosing Shooting modes or Scene modes, and getting them set up for different shooting situations.

We've discussed the principals of photography, how to set up your camera to get the most from natural light and flash work, and some ideas for creative use of your digital camera's awesome capabilities.

This final chapter applies those techniques to situations you'll find in the real world. I discuss some of the common problems encountered in several shooting locations and situations, as well as some practical advice for solving them and going beyond the ordinary in your everyday photography.

Everyday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11

Cydelle and Levi on their wedding day in Honolulu, Hawaii. Taken at ISO 500, f/3.2, 1/640 second with a 15.2mm lens setting.

Action and Sports Photography

Today's active digital shooters are well poised to get fantastic images of a public happening, an epic moment, a memorable performance, or your child's game with the G11. Also, there's the possibility of creating content images for blogs, school Web sites, or a host of other media outlets. Knowing the G11 and what its strengths and weaknesses are is never more necessary than when shooting sports and action photos.

With the added challenge of shooting in somewhat unfamiliar ...

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