Canon Speedlite System Digital Field Guide

Book description

Get enlightened with this detailed coverage of Canon's Speedlite system

If you use a digital SLR camera, then you understand just how critical it is to have a capable flash. A Canon Speedlite shines a whole new light on taking photos with a Canon DSLR. This full-color, in-depth guide takes you beyond the standard manual that accompanies a Canon Speedlite and shows you the types of settings you can use on your camera when working with off-camera flashes.

You'll explore the possibilities of wireless lighting with multiple speedlites as well as the creative effects you can achieve. Author, teacher, and professional photographer Michael Corsentino demystifies setting up a speedlite, synchronizing the speedlite equipment, and determining lighting ratios. He provides you with detailed, real-world information on using all of Canon's various Speedlite models including the new 600EX-RT and covers other Canon lighting system components such as the ST-E2 Wireless Transmitter, Macro Ring Lite, and Macro Twin Lites and OC-E3 Off-Camera Shoe Cord.

  • Highlights how the Canon Speedlite system is a must-have accessory for exploring a new world of digital photo possibilities

  • Covers a number of Canon's Speedlites, including the 600EX-RT, 580 EX II, 430 EX II, 270 EX and 270 EX II, and the 320 EX

  • Shows you how to create an inexpensive and portable wireless studio lighting system that can go where you go

  • Demystifies setting up the speedlite, synchronizing the equipment, and figuring out lighting ratios

Canon Speedlite System Digital Field Guide, 3rd Edition is a handy guide that shares real-world information and untangles the complexities of using the Canon Speedlite system.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Quick Tour
  5. Chapter 1: Exploring the Canon Speedlite System
    1. Features of the Canon Speedlite System
    2. 600EX/600EX-RT
    3. 580EX II
    4. 430EX II
    5. Other Components of the Speedlite System
  6. Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Speedlites
    1. Power Requirements
    2. Flash Modes
    3. Auto Zoom Adjustment for APS-C Sensors
    4. Adjusting Flash Exposure Compensation
    5. AF-Assist Beam
    6. LCD Panel Illumination
    7. Custom Functions
  7. Chapter 3: Flash Photography Basics
    1. Studio Strobes or Speedlites?
    2. Color Temperature and White Balance
    3. Using Bounce Flash
    4. Explaining Flash Exposure and Specifications
  8. Chapter 4: Using Your Flash Off Your Camera
    1. How the Speedlite System Works Wirelessly with Your Camera
    2. Overview of Wireless Flash Setup with the Canon Speedlite System
    3. Setting Up Master and Slave Flashes
    4. Setting Up a Wireless Manual Flash
    5. Using Wireless Multi-Stroboscopic Flash
    6. Setting Up Channels and Groups or Slave IDs
    7. Setting Flash Exposure Compensation
    8. Testing and Modeling Flash from a Slave Unit
    9. Remote Release from a Slave Unit
    10. Linked Shooting with Radio Transmission
    11. Using Your Speedlites with Radio Triggers
  9. Chapter 5: Setting Up a Wireless Studio
    1. Introduction to the Portable Studio
    2. Cables, Cords, and Triggers
    3. White Balance and Filters
    4. Light Modifiers
    5. Backgrounds and Background Stands
    6. Space Considerations
    7. Traveling with Your Wireless Studio
  10. Chapter 6: Lighting Concepts and Patterns
    1. Concepts of Lighting
    2. Using Speedlites for Outdoor Locations
    3. Modifiers and Their Qualities of Light
    4. One Light, Two Lights, Three Lights!
  11. Appendix A: Posing Basics
    1. Developing Your Style
    2. Positions to Avoid
    3. Planning Poses
  12. Appendix B: Rules of Composition
    1. Keep It Simple
    2. The Rule of Thirds
    3. Field of View
    4. Leading Lines and S-Curves
    5. Symmetry
  13. Appendix C: Resources
    1. Websites and Online Learning
    2. DVDs and Video Downloads
    3. iPad Apps
    4. Books
    5. Workshops
    6. Trade Shows
    7. Magazines
    8. Associations
    9. Light Modifiers
    10. Light Stands
    11. Reflectors
    12. Brackets
    13. Lenses
    14. Radio Triggers and Remotes
    15. Backdrops and Support Systems
    16. Cords and Cables
    17. Equipment for Tethered Shooting
    18. Filters
    19. Bags and Cases
  14. Appendix D: How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker
    1. The Gray Card
    2. The Color Checker

Product information

  • Title: Canon Speedlite System Digital Field Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118237441