Appendix 120 Questions for a Personal ChecklistFinding Your Focus

I've pulled out the key points from Part I—Finding Your Focus. Your answers will become a sort of personal can't-not-do checklist. Keep your list and periodically revisit it; maybe write your answers down in a journal or on a whiteboard and look them over periodically. This is not rocket science or some mysterious process. It's about people doing the hard, purposeful, intentional work to figure out their can't not do for social change.

Give it some of the same kind of (well, almost) intentionality you may have already given to your career or life mate or how you raise your family or your values in life. I think many of these can be adapted to and discussed at your place of work as well. If you use the questions below, you will paint a picture, a collage that will greatly increase your chances of not only having a more positive impact on the world but on your life too.

What Are You a Determined Optimist About?

  1. You only need one can't not do at a time in your life, if you want to have true, sustained impact. Just one. Take a look at the different causes, fundraisers, events, discussions, and volunteer efforts in which you have participated. Google “social issues” if you need a few inventories or lists. Does anything stand out? What is it?
  2. You might find out what you are a determined optimist about as the result of a big epiphany or a significant, single event in your life. Or it might be something that emerges ...

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