Chapter 4. Love the Apps

Love the Apps

One of the coolest things about iPhone photography is that ... with apps ... you can do so many different things. There are apps that apply special effects; apps that allow you to crop, boost saturation and make other post processing edits; and there are apps that allow you to expand the possibilities for your shooting conditions.

There are hundreds of apps available and more are being developed every day. So this is by no means a full list of iPhone photography apps. They are just some of my favorites ... and among the most handy.

This is the picture as shot.

Figure 4.1. This is the picture as shot.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The folks at Adobe created the very versatile Photoshop Express app, which enables you to adjust and edit your images right on your iPhone. With this free app, you can crop an image, adjust exposure and contrast, and even boost the saturation. You can also apply special effects and add borders.

The Photoshop Express app allows you to save your edits as a full-res copy. It also allows you to post your pictures directly to your Facebook, Twitter and accounts.

This app is super easy to use and can give your images a little boost if they need it.

Here's the same shot with exposure, contrast and saturation adjustments made with the Photoshop Express app ... along with a crop and a frame.

Figure 4.2. Here's ...

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