Chapter 9. Accessories


Due to the wild popularity of the iPhone as a camera, quite a few accessories have been designed for iPhone photography. There are lenses, tripod mounts and more. And while some of these accessories cost just a few bucks; some cost more than $200.

Owle Bubo

Available for the iPhone 3Gs and 4G, this is one serious piece of equipment. It's probably the most advanced accessory that's made for the iPhone.

To start, the Owle Bubo is made of solid aluminum and has a wide-angle lens that also allows you to focus up-close for macro shots. The lens promises to increase the quality of your iPhone photos and video. But if that's not enough, the lens also has front threads that allow you to screw in additional filters and lenses for added versatility.

Owle Bubo also offers an adjustable microphone that delivers higher quality audio than you can get with the built-in mic of the iPhone itself. And the Bubo's cold-shoe attachment allows you to attach lighting accessories—the kind that are normally used on DSLR video cameras to aid in low-light photo and videography.

And last but not least, the Owle Bubo has threaded sockets on all four sides so you can attach the device to a tripod for stability.

This is a great accessory for the serious blogger. You can get it straight from Owle at

Figure 9.1. The Owle Bubo is a perfect accessory for the blogger covering ...

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