Hello, floor!

Having a sense of being grounded can be important in virtual reality. It can be much more comfortable to feel like you're standing (or sitting) than to be floating in space like a bodyless eyeball. So, let's add a floor to our scene.

This should be much more familiar now. We'll have a shader, model, and rendering pipeline similar to the cube. So, we'll just do it without much explanation.


The floor will use our light_shader with a small modification and a new fragment shader.

Modify the light_vertex.shader by adding a v_Grid variable, as follows:

uniform mat4 u_Model; uniform mat4 u_MVP; uniform mat4 u_MVMatrix; uniform vec3 u_LightPos; attribute vec4 a_Position; attribute vec4 a_Color; attribute vec3 a_Normal; varying vec4 v_Color; ...

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