Creating a new project

If you'd like more details and explanation about these steps, refer to the Creating a new Cardboard project section Chapter 2, The Skeleton Cardboard Project, and follow along there:

  1. With Android Studio opened, create a new project. Let's name it RenderBoxDemo and target Android 4.4 KitKat (API 19) with an Empty Activity.
  2. Add the Cardboard SDK common.aar and core.aar library files to your project as new modules, using File | New | New Module....
  3. Set the library modules as dependencies to the project app, using File | Project Structure.
  4. Edit the AndroidManifest.xml file as explained in Chapter 2, The Skeleton Cardboard Project, being careful to preserve the package name for this project.
  5. Edit the build.gradle file as explained ...

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