14New Grad? So Rad!

You've done it. You've graduated from college! Cheers to you, and your parents/family for supporting you, your hopes, your dreams, and your future career.

You've worked hard, soaked up an incredible amount of (some useless) information, learned how to live on your own (did you?), and made friends with people who are nothing like you. You are now an expert in boys/girls/beer pong/classic literature/video games/partying/how to pull an all-nighter, and pass tests that you have not studied for. Not even a little bit.

Now what? Well, your four-year (or more) quest for higher learning has come to an end, and while it was fun while it lasted, it is time to move up, move on, get a job, and live your life!

If you are one of the lucky few to have graduated college with no student loans, kudos to you. That is one less thing you have to worry about. But you will still need to learn how to “adult,” get an apartment, get a job, show up on time, get along with your new peers, listen to your new boss, and not only learn something, but contribute something as well.

If you DO have student loans, keep in mind that starting those payments are going to come due before the end of the year, so factor in those monthly payments before signing an apartment lease with a hot tub, doorman, and laundry service. You probably can't afford it.

In all seriousness, college is such a fun, rewarding, and enthralling experience, and while you may have learned the basics of your major, whether ...

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