Chapter 1

Exploring Mindfulness in the Workplace


check Identifying what mindfulness is and is not

check Retraining your brain

check Getting started

In tough economic times, many organizations look for new ways to deliver better products and services to customers while reducing costs. Carrying on as normal isn’t an option. Leaders must engage staff, and everyone needs to become more resilient in the face of ongoing change. For these reasons, more and more organizations offer staff training in mindfulness.

Major corporations, such as General Mills, have offered staff mindfulness training in recent years. Google and eBay are among the many companies that now provide rooms for staff to practice mindfulness during work time. Business schools such as Harvard Business School now include mindfulness principles in their leadership programs.

So what is mindfulness, and why are so many leading organizations investing in it?

Becoming More Mindful at Work

In this section, you discover what mindfulness is. More importantly, you also discover what mindfulness is not! You find out how mindfulness evolved and why it’s become so important in the modern-day workplace.

Clarifying what mindfulness ...

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