Chapter 4

Practicing Mindfulness in the Digital Age


check Making technology work for you rather than control you

check Using technology mindfully to enhance communication

check Introducing programs to help you focus

This chapter helps you manage one of the most beneficial but also most challenging aspects of living in the information age — digital technology. Mindfulness offers you the presence of mind to be able to choose when to use technology, to identify what sort of technology you need, and to recognize when a more offline, human approach is called for. When you do use technology, you discover how mindfulness offers a way of working with it that involves a greater degree of presence, wisdom and compassion.

Choosing When to Use Technology

Technology includes any application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. In the industrial age, technology was dominated by mechanical machinery driven by the steam engine. But in the twenty-first century, your daily life is probably dominated by digital technology. The recent explosion in the use of digital technology is affecting every organization in some way.

The evolution of the human brain didn’t take modern technology into ...

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