Chapter 4

Developing a Game Plan


check Breaking your work into manageable pieces

check Creating a work breakdown structure

check Dealing with unknown circumstances

check Keeping project information in a work breakdown structure dictionary

The keys to successful project planning and performance are completeness and continuity. You want to identify all important information in your project plan and address every aspect of your project while it's in progress.

Describing in detail all the tasks required to complete your project helps you accomplish them. Your description of project work provides the basis for scheduling, planning resources, defining roles and responsibilities, assigning work to team members, capturing key project performance data, and reporting on completed project work. This chapter helps you break down your project work into manageable pieces.

Breaking Your Project into Manageable Chunks

Two major concerns when starting a new project are remembering to plan for all important pieces of work and accurately estimating the time and resources required to perform that work. To ...

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