Chapter 5

Keeping Everyone Informed


check Highlighting important elements of communication

check Deciding how to share news

check Writing your project-progress report

check Getting familiar with different meeting styles

check Creating a project communications plan

Imagine standing at one end of a large room filled with assorted sofas, chairs, and tables. You’ve accepted a challenge to walk to the other end without bumping into any of the furniture. But as you set off on your excursion, the lights go off and you have to complete your trip in darkness, with only your memory of the room’s layout to guide you.

Sounds like a pretty tough assignment, doesn’t it? How much easier it would be if the lights went on every few seconds — you could see exactly where you were, where you had to go, and where the furniture got in the way. The walk would still be challenging, but it would be much more successful than in total darkness.

Surprisingly, many projects are just like that walk across the room. People plan ...

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