Chapter 5

Controlling Email Overload


check Managing email effectively

check Responding to email using less time

check Adding value to email messages

You might receive less email because you communicate more on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or you may have become frustrated with so much email and spam that you vowed to dramatically cut the volume of messages. Whichever category describes you, this chapter helps you reduce, remove, and reclaim your email box.

Managing Email Effectively

If all the email correspondence you’ve ever received, sent, saved, responded to, forwarded, and deleted were turned into paper mail, your output alone could probably fill a U.S. Postal Office. Of course, you don’t keep it all, but you might let your email accumulate at times, perhaps until your system notifies you that your mailbox has exceeded its limit.

A good tool is only as good as the person wielding it. If you know how to use email properly, it can make your productivity output hum. If not, you can end up sabotaging your efforts to accomplish things. This section helps you rein in the all-too-often unwieldy paperless communication system.

Setting up filtering ...

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