Chapter 2

Honing Your Platform Skills


check Putting your voice to good use

check Speaking with your eyes

check Making a good impression with your posture

James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Wells, and Meryl Streep are just a few of many other actors who brilliantly used their voices to enchant, scare (Jones was the voice of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars movies), tease, express remorse, taunt, show affection or passion, punctuate, surprise, add urgency, and, with consummate skill, project every emotion that human beings can feel and show. Former US president Ronald Reagan used his professional acting skills — body movements and broadcast-quality voice — to look and act the part of the confident world leader, giving speeches that touched the hearts of millions.

Every innovative presentation requires not just excellent technical speaking skills, but personal and imaginative ways to connect with and fascinate, enthrall, motivate, inspire, enlighten, and compel the audience to take action. If you've ever experienced a superb motivational speaker who mesmerized you with captivating stories that evoked belly laughs, tears, and an outpouring of inspiration, ...

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