Chapter 5

Ending on a High Note


check Reviewing the Law of Recency

check Following conclusion guidelines

check Using conclusive tactics

check Building a compelling finale

Today’s action movies start like a lit fuse in sticks of dynamite — a sizzling spark heading toward a shock wave with a scene that immediately envelopes you in the unfolding drama, suspense, or action. Many movies have the raw visual firepower and adrenalin-building punch to ignite our attention and transfix us. But the ending of a great movie matters most in creating an explosive experience that effects us emotionally and psychologically. Everything in a good plot builds up to the ending, the close, the climax — and releases it.

If you attend a live performance by a terrific singer or band, you notice that they start off with a lively, heart-pumping, foot-thumping number — their introduction. However, they bring down the house by saving their best, most dynamic song for last — their conclusion — to leave the audience on a high emotional plain. Singers want their fans to cherish their act long afterward, so they sing a ...

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