Chapter 4

Asking the Right Questions


check Developing the ability to ask good questions

check Avoiding the pitfalls of questioning

check Getting the information you need

check Making sure people are listening

How you ask questions during a negotiation is important because questions open the door to knowledge — knowledge about the other party and knowledge about the negotiation at hand. Questions are the keys to the kingdom. No one ever wasted time asking a smart question.

This chapter covers the art of effective questioning during a negotiation. Asking appropriate questions, knowing when to ask those questions, and knowing when not to ask those questions are all techniques you should master. They will lead you to a path of negotiating success. And even if a negotiation is at a standstill, knowing how to ask the right questions creates a discussion between you and the other party. That can lead to positive results if your information is funneled wisely.

Tickle It Out: The Art of Coaxing Out Information

Effective listening requires probing. No one says everything you want to hear in the ...

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