Chapter 5

Closing the Deal


check Exposing the facts and myths about win-win negotiating

check Recognizing what constitutes a win

check Finding creative solutions

check Bringing closure to a deal

This chapter is about the glory moment when it all comes together — when you close the deal. It’s also about closing the deal in a way that makes both sides feel good about the outcome. Both sides should feel as though they've achieved something that is workable and that everyone involved in carrying out the deal will want to make work.

Closing a deal is seldom a single moment with crashing cymbals and loud drum rolls. Typically, closing a deal is a process of reaching agreement on one point after another, adjusting back and forth. Let’s face it, the first piece of closing a deal is when two people — who may be far apart in their thinking — sit down and say, “What the heck, we're far apart, but let’s at least try to make a deal.” The next point of agreement might be that those 10,000 widgets have to be delivered within four months. (Ah, you’re right; there are two points of agreement there.) As the ...

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