Career Moves: Be Strategic About Your Future (Revised and Enhanced Edition)

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Shifting demographics, economic turmoil, globalization, and a connected mobile culture have dramatically changed the workforce. Experienced career experts Caitlin Williams and Annabelle Reitman show you how to create your dream career by using and blending these changes in your career-planning process. Explore key competencies that professionals need to be successful, and learn how to make them work for you. This third edition is packed with all new material to help you succeed.

Explore the key trends in the training profession.
Learn to embrace the changes in the training industry to advance your career.
Take advantage of the many exercises to help guide your career choices.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Content
  5. Preface
  6. SECTION I: Overview of Workplace Trends, T&D Competencies, and Your
    1. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Leverage the Latest Workplace & Workforce Trends
    1. An Overview of Emerging Trends and What They Mean for T&D Professionals
    2. Trend 1: Learning Takes Center Stage
    3. Trend 2: A Culture of Connectivity
    4. Trend 3: Shifting Demographics and Increasing Diversity
    5. Trend 4: Globalization 3.0
    6. Trend 5: The Impact of Economic Turmoil and Recession
    7. Trend 6: The Talent Trifecta: Recruiting for Agility, Fostering Engagement, and Retaining Knowledge
    8. Trend 7: The (r)Evolution of the American Worker
    9. Trend 8: New Work and the New Skills It Will Take to Do It
  8. Chapter 2: Introducing the ASTD 2013 Competency Model
    1. Master Key Foundational Competencies and Polish Your Areas of Expertise...
    2. The 2013 ASTD Competency Model™
    3. The Six Foundational Competencies
    4. The Areas of Expertise—10 Ways to Demonstrate Your Capabilities
    5. Tools to Help You Navigate Your Career
    6. Alignment Matters
    7. Think Multiple Paths to Excel in Work That Matters
  9. Chapter 3: Distinguish Yourself and Flourish in Your Field
    1. Put the Trends and the Model together
    2. What Is Your Value Proposition?
    3. Personal Branding Is a Differentiator
    4. Follow the Advice of Seth, Marcus, and Tom
  10. Chapter 4: Leverage Your Full Spectrum of Opportunities
    1. Capitalize on Your Strengths, on or off the Traditional Career Path
    2. Meet Some T&D Professionals
  11. SECTION II: How to Build and Manage Your Career Path
    1. Introduction
  12. Chapter 5: Progressing Through a T&D Career
    1. Transitions
    2. Work Modifications: Career Movements
    3. Work Modifications: Professional Shifts
    4. Relationship Between Transition Intervals and Career Paths
    5. Characteristics of Successful Transitions
    6. Chapter Highlights
    7. Exercise 5.1: Work Engagement Considerations
  13. Chapter 6: Creating Your Ideal Career Path
    1. Characteristics of Engaging Work
    2. The Professional Design Plan Defined
    3. The Importance of the Plan
    4. The Elements of a Professional Design Plan
    5. Chapter Highlights
    6. Exercise 6-1: Defining Fulfilling Work
    7. Exercise 6-2: Developing a Professional Design Plan
  14. Chapter 7: Building Your Career
    1. Commitment to Lifelong Learning
    2. Basic Elements of Professional Development
    3. Professional Learning Options
    4. Personal Lifestyle Factors and Learning Options
    5. Chapter Highlights
    6. Exercise 7-1: Assessing Constraints on Your Learning Options
    7. Exercise 7-2: Select Your Best Professional Development Option
  15. Chapter 8: Career Expansion Via an Alternative Learning Experience
    1. Identify Goals and Needs for an Alternative Learning Experience
    2. Volunteerism
    3. Mentoring Program Participation
    4. Chapter Highlights
    5. Exercise 8-1: Identify Your Personal and Professional Needs
    6. Exercise 8-2: Checklist for Developing a Learning Agreement
    7. Exercise 8-3: Evaluate Your Alternative Learning Experience
  16. Chapter 9: Marketing Your Professional Strengths
    1. Marketing Activities and Resources
    2. Your Product—Yourself
    3. Your Action Plan
    4. Your Market
    5. Using Marketing Strategies for Work Modifications and Movements
    6. The Internet as a Marketing Tool
    7. Résumés
    8. Professional Portfolios
    9. Networking and Opportunities
    10. Informational Interviewing
    11. Readiness to Market Yourself
    12. Chapter Highlights
    13. Exercise 9-1: The Marketing-Readiness Checklist
  17. Chapter 10: Managing for Professional Success
    1. Challenges You Face
    2. Long-Term Survival
    3. Your Professional Success
    4. Chapter Highlights
    5. Exercise 10-1: Annual Review of Your Life Situation
    6. Exercise 10-2: Defining Your Professional Success
  18. About the Authors
  19. References and Suggested Readings

Product information

  • Title: Career Moves: Be Strategic About Your Future (Revised and Enhanced Edition)
  • Author(s): Caitlin Williams, Annabelle Reitman
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562868680