Chapter 4 Sorting the Data

4.1 PROC SORT Options

4.1.1 The NODUPREC Option

4.1.2 The DUPOUT= Option

4.1.3 The TAGSORT Option

4.1.4 Using the SORTSEQ Option

4.1.5 The FORCE Option

4.1.6 The EQUALS or NOEQUALS Options

4.2 Using Data Set Options with PROC SORT

4.3 Taking Advantage of Known or Knowable Sort Order

4.4 Metadata Sort Information

4.5 Using Threads

Sorting data is always a resource-intensive operation; therefore, using PROC SORT wisely can save you both time and computing effort. Fortunately, there are both options and strategies to assist you in selecting more efficient, if not optimal methodologies.


Indexes can be an ...

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