Putting On the Finishing Touches

There's quite a bit more you can do to embellish the table. In the following sections, you set horizontal and vertical borders, turn off internal borders, and set a border around the outside of your table, in addition to setting background images in your table. Before doing any of that, however, you need to add some CLASS attributes (class="top", class="none", and class="left") to your example code, so you can then attach specific style properties to them:

<th>&nbsp;</th><th colspan="3">Monthly Payment</th><th colspan="3">Total

<tr class="top">
<th class="none">Down-<br>Payment</th><th class="left">20
Years</th><th>25 Years</th><th>30 Years</th><th class="left">20 Years</th><th>25 ...

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