Creating an Interactive Sidebar Menu

For this example, you create an interactive sidebar menu. To create this example, reopen cramer-consult.html from your working folder and resave it as cramer-consult3.html.

To get started, add the following codes at the top of your example file:


<a name="menu"></a>
<h1>Cramer Computer Consultants</h1>

<div class="side">
						<a href="#part1">Hardware</a>
						<a href="#part2">Software</a>
						<a href="#part3">Networking</a>
						<a href="#part4">Databases</a>
						<a href="#part5">Conversion</a>
						<div class="main"> <p>Beginning in 1984, CCC has provided comprehensive computer consulting services unmatched by any of its competitors to government, educational, and business customers, including hardware and software ...

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