180 Case Studies in Strategic Management
Align all the IT services to ensure the right information ow from marketing, sales and operations
through enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and Data
Warehousing (DW) to enable business intelligence (BI).
Train employees to make use of IT resources.
Benchmark IT processes, and apply for international certi cations.
Technology Partners
To get strategic advantage over competition, the organization has partnered with leading technology
suppliers in the elds of digital technology and satellite television services. It uses the services of the
INSAT 4A satellite, which was launched by India, and has taken lease for all 12 Ku-band transponders.
This has given it an edge over its competitors as high quality of uninterrupted transmission can be pro-
vided for all its subscribers. All the channels beamed by Tata Sky have an edge over those beamed by
others in terms of audio and picture quality.
Tata Sky has also implemented several decision support systems for taking faster and effective
decisions. It has implemented a software developed by www.nds.com (NDS) for pay televisions. End-
to-end architecture has been implemented, which helps nationwide customers to watch channels and
pay for the movies they see (read purchase) through these channels . The conditional access system soft-
ware developed by NDS has enabled Tata Sky to offer multiple programmes at multiple price packages.
Similarly, software from Siebel has been able to support operations across the areas of call centres and
eld service, customer order management and product con guration. For residential and commercial
customers, Comverse’s Kenan FX billing software has been selected to support billing. Finally, all the
software applications have been integrated with SAP, the leading ERP application suite. The modules
that have been selected for implementation are materials management, sales and distribution, nance
and control, and human resources (HR).
IT Infrastructure Sun Microsystems : Tata Sky has selected Sun Microsystems to provide world-class
technology infrastructure, which helps the company to maintain a high level of service standards
for its satellite television service.
Digicomp : Tata Sky has partnered with Thomson and Humax, world leaders in digital broadcasting
technology, for building top-of-the line digicomps customized speci cally for Indian markets. The
technology’s feature-rich design enables Tata Sky to deliver multiple programming and pricing
packages and interactive services to its customers.
Systems Integration Partner for Tata Sky Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a systems integration
partner for Tata Sky Ltd. It supports IT operations in the areas of billing, ERP, and other customer care
and employee–related internal facing applications.
Service Support for Tata Sky SerWizSol provides Tata Sky with three high-end call centres, which
offer round-the-clock support in 11 different languages at Pune (Maharashtra), Hyderabad (Andhra
Pradesh) and Mohali (Punjab) .
The roles and responsibilities of a CIO can be stated as follows:
CIOs must evaluate the overall operations of computing and IT functions and recommend
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