Case Study on ICICI Bank 207
15. Operational risk management : Sometimes external events disrupt all expectations. Banks
should be able to measure operational risk in a scienti c way. ICICI should categorize, de ne
and analyze operational risks for preventing or mitigating such risks.
16. Strategic performance management for nancial services : ICICI should gather data from every
source in the enterprise and transform them into the information it needs to make better strate-
gic decisions. Exchanging information across the organization is crucial to ensure that every-
one is working towards the same goals.
Informatica PowerCenter Solution
Dependency on information is particularly critical in the nancial sector; in a bid to create a competitive
advantage through ensuring fast and accurate access to trusted information, India’s second largest bank,
ICICI Bank, implemented an Informatica PowerCenter solution earlier from 2007 to 2008 . For a uni ed
view of transactions and customer data, all relevant data have to be reliably combined and made avail-
able at a central place independent of their originating IT systems, which can be mainframe computers,
Web servers or workstations. With demands for up-to-date and accurate information in its data ware-
house, the bank opted for Informatica because of the tool’s scalability, automation and exible delivery
Along with a team of Informatica’s professional services consultants, ICICI Bank’s software
developers designed, tested and deployed PowerCenter to extract source data from disparate systems,
including ATMs, Internet transactions, loans and bonds. The deployment greatly improved ICICI Bank’s
ability to ensure the integrity of data and to minimize errors as compared to the previously followed
manual scripting approach, which suffered from error-handling issues.
PowerCenter gave the bank the capability to make changes swiftly and improve transaction exibility
to respond to new data demands from businesses or IT as they arise. The bank has bene ted from greater
data immediacy for business users and more reliable information, which results in quicker analysis and
timely reporting. Satis ed by the developer productivity and ETL performance gains realized through
the deployment of PowerCenter, ICICI Bank of cials are now looking to extend the Informatica
data integration platform to more thoroughly leverage the power of business information across the
enterprise. This is used as a tool for feeding data into the BI system.
SAS9 BI Platform
Enterprise Intelligence
With business transactions growing exponentially, one of the key parameters for the evaluation of a BI
solution was its scalability to support the growing volumes of data in ICICI Bank. Key departments
involved in evaluating the solution were the technology management group and the retail and corporate
technology teams. This scalability has been achieved by using software as service (SaS), which allows
the bank to outsource its IT activities while concentrating on its core activities. The SaS Enterprise
Intelligence Platform was selected as the ideal tool for this business scenario because it bene ts the
bank in terms of manageability, interoperability, scalability and usability. Major features of the platform
are as follows:
Usability: The SaS Web-based solution enables ICICI to provide information access to all users
across the bank.
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