218 Case Studies in Strategic Management
evolution of a structure that best addresses the concerns of all the institutions involved in the nancing
of a project/other nancing requirements. The key features of this service include
Waterfall management of cash ows
Acting as a paying and receiving agent
Safekeeping and custody for the underlying assets
Account administration
Cash escrows and security escrows
Preconstruction and post-construction management of cash ows
Regulatory liaison
Advisory services
Electronic reporting via the Internet or a specialist online system; customized MIS reporting
1. ICICI Bank runs its customer-facing services and key enterprise applications such as Finacle
Core Banking (Infosys) , FinnOne Retail Loans System (Nucleus Technologies) , CTL Prime
Credit Cards Processing System , and SAP on highly available servers.
2. Oracle 9i database and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RACs) provide a robust database
component for all its enterprise applications.
3. Internet banking and customer relationship management use Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Enterprise Edition.
ROI is explained in the ANNEXURE.
Besides the risk management solutions, some further steps can be taken in the future:
1. Enterprise identity management solution and end point security
2. ICICI Bank’s Global Trade Services Unit (GTSU) is currently BS 7799 certi ed. The certi ca-
tion initiative should be taken forward to other locations.
3. There should be software to analyze real-time online transaction-processing applications.
4. The backup coverage concept should be extended to data on user machines also, that is,
to laptop and desktop options.
The face of the banking industry is changing rapidly; from a large number of small banks, the industry
is moving towards a smaller number of large banks. Banks are providing multiple services to millions
of customers across the globe. In such a landscape, technology has become essential for the survival of
any bank. Technology is no more the winning criteria, but it has become the qualifying criteria.
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