94 Case Studies in Strategic Management
Serial Number Strategic Objectives Formulae
Learning and growth
G.1 Percentage increase in
market share
Comparison of business rate in a specifi c
market/the trend of the market
G.2 Percentage growth Intra: (current years share previous years
share/previous years share) × 100
Inter: share of DSCL/total market share of all
the competitors taken together
G.3 Success rate Number of successful projects/number of
projects held by the company
A critical analysis of the pyramidal structure of management information system (MIS) reveals the fact
that decision making in an organization takes place at three levels, viz, the top management is involved
in strategic planning, the middle management is involved in operational planning and the lower-level
management is involved in transactional planning. The pyramidal structure of MIS gives us the clear
picture about the effective delegation of jobs in an organizational hierarchy.
The information system of DSCL includes
1. Information ow
2. Product ow
Information Flow in DSCL
The information ow in case of DSCL is a two-way process. Since the focus is on agri-input marketing
of DSCL, the line function of the company must be understood, which is as follows: The company
sends information regarding various policies and schemes to the state marketing of cer or SMO. The
SMO prepares the strategic plan relating to different markets and sends it to the divisional marketing
of cer or DMO, and the DMO, keeping the aforementioned things in mind, prepares an operational
plan and directs it to the MO or the sales marketing executive. The marketing of cer (MO)/SMO
executes the operational plan using eld assistants and the sales force. Field assistants act as the face
of the company to customers; they collect information from the customer, who are farmers in this
case, about the demand for agri inputs and other requirements. They also give technical and functional
inputs about the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other agri inputs to the farmers; further, the eld
assistants send the information about the demand of various products and agri inputs to the MO.
Likewise, the information passes through various levels, viz, District Sales Of ce (DSO) and Zonal
Sales Of ce (ZSO) , and nally reaches the company’s head of ce.
Product Flow in DSCL
DSCL as a company does not manufacture agri inputs; rather it only markets the products. The
reason for doing so is as follows: If any foreign player needs to market its product, it has to establish
Table 5.3
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