Female Condom from HLL Lifecare*

A Night for the ‘Fairer Sex’

Steaming. Tempting. Soft.

Simple. But convoluted.

All about kids. Yet complicated.

The hot bowl staring at Aditya sent him to a psychedelic state. Maggi! He thought with a fondness only people on his side of the world could understand. The two-minute thingamajig was more than a 10-course meal for him.

Aditya kept chewing the cud deeper. ‘It’s so much like a marketing puzzle. Intricately woven even though it appears deceptively simple. You need more than a sturdy fork to savour this culinary feat. You need poise, strategy and deft handling lest the parts get tangled further, and of course, furious speed before others get to attack your kosher.’

Just like Randeep who had almost robbed ...

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