Advertising to Influence the Customers’ Minds*

Prakash and Rajesh have been close friends since their college days. After a long time, they were planning to have a party at Prakash’s home to catch up. Ankita, Prakash’s wife, had prepared tasty food. Prakash, who worked as a lecturer in a college, came back early from office. On his way back home, he bought two bottles of cold drinks. After having freshened up, he started watching TV with his son, Rony. However, Rony snatched the remote from Prakash’s hand because he wanted to watch Cartoon Network. Their conversation went this way:

Prakash: Watching cartoon all the time is not good. Go, do your home work.

Rony: Papa, I’ve already finished my home work. Please let me watch cartoon now.

Prakash: ...

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