Cases in Corporate Strategy

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The book traces the stories of ten Indian Companies which started out as small ventures and have grown into large corporations. They cover a wide spectrum of industry including steel, pharmaceuticals, alternate energy (engineering), information technology, FMCG, packaging, sugar, cut flower and, Food and Beverages. These companies cater to domestic as well as international markets and have resorted to exciting strategies to reach their pre-eminent positions. Moreover, the ten companies have faced difficult obstacles including global slowdowns and come out victorious.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Preface
  6. About the Authors
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. 1. Mastek: Consistently Riding ‘The Third Wave’
    1. Synopsis
    2. Introduction to the Information Technology Industry
    3. Introduction to Mastek
    4. Values, Ideals and Obligations
    5. Business Model and Strategy
    6. Some of Mastek’s Success Stories: The Third Wave Solutions
    7. Mastek’s Financial Performance
    8. Global Slowdown, Strategies and Future Plans
    9. Employee Initiatives
    10. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
    11. Questions for Discussion
    12. End Notes
  9. 2. Karuturi Global Ltd.: Rosy Roti
    1. Synopsis
    2. Global Cut Flower Industry
    3. Karuturi Global Limited: An Introduction
    4. Karturi’s Rose Production
    5. Karuturi’s Innovative Strategies
    6. Karuturi: How It All Began
    7. Karuturi Global’s Marketing Strategy
    8. Corporate Social Responsibility
    9. Case Update
    10. Questions for Discussion
  10. 3. Essel Propack: The Packaging King
    1. Synopsis
    2. Essel Propack’s Vision
    3. Indian Packaging Industry
    4. EP’s History and DEvelopment
    5. EP Products
    6. New Product Innovation
    7. EP’s Strategic Front
    8. EP’s Innovative and Creative Strategy
    9. EP and the Human Touch
    10. Financial Performance
    11. Inorganic and Organic Expansion
    12. How has the Slowdown Affected the Company
    13. Case Update
    14. Summary
    15. Questions for Discussion
    16. End Notes
  11. 4 JSW’s Sajjan Jindal: Steel King Racing to the Top
    1. Synopsis
    2. Profile of the Steel Industry in India
    3. Introduction to the Company: History and Development
    4. The Products
    5. The Company: Vision and Mission
    6. Domestic / Exports Markets
    7. Strategy
    8. Competitors—Comparative Analysis
    9. Financial Performance of the Company
    10. Acquisitions and Collaborations
    11. Human Capital—Number and Breakup
    12. Human Capital Development
    13. CSR Initiative
    14. How the Global Slowdown has Affected the Company and the Strategies Implemented
    15. Big Challenges Before JSW Steel
    16. Future Plans
    17. JSW Group—Forging Ahead
    18. Financial Performance
    19. Case Update
    20. Questions for Discussion
    21. End Notes
  12. 5 Glenmark’s Unique R D Strategy
    1. Synopsis
    2. Vision
    3. Human Capital: Number and Development
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility
    5. Business Strategies: Driving Sustained Growth
    6. Questions for Discussion
  13. 6 Emami: The homegrown FMCG warrior
    1. Synopsis
    2. Indian FMCG Industry: An Introduction
    3. Indian FMCG Industry: Driving Factors
    4. Emami Group
    5. Emami Limited: The way the Company Works
    6. Emami’s Unique Brand Ambassador Strategy
    7. Zandu Takeover Battle: The Inside Story
    8. Emami’s CSR Strategy
    9. Questions for Discussion
    10. End Notes
  14. 7 Tulsi Tanti: Reviving Suzlon Energy Ltd.
    1. Synopsis
    2. Vision
    3. Global Wind Markets and Outlook
    4. Suzlon Group Profile
    5. Alternative Solutions: Wind Energy
    6. Suzlon’s Turnkey Solutions
    7. The Hansen Story: Soft Touch Integration
    8. The REpower Acquistion
    9. The Final Events: How It Went Down
    10. Suzlon’s Competition: Troubled Times
    11. Long Term Solution: Restructuring of Loans
    12. Wind in Suzlon Sails: The Corporate Debt Restructuring Solution
    13. Case Update
    14. Questions for Discussion
    15. End Notes
  15. 8 Rasna’s Piruz Khambatta: The Homegrown Powdered Beverage King
    1. Synopsis
    2. Indian Beverage Industry
    3. Rasna’s Philosophy
    4. Introducing Piruz Khambatta
    5. The Story Behind Rasna
    6. Rasna’s Corporate Orgnisation Structure
    7. Rasna’s Successful First Mover Strategy to Ward-off the Multinationals
    8. Rasna’s Focus on the Bottom of the Pyramid
    9. Rasna’s Unique Branding Strategy
    10. Launch of Rasna Ju-C in the Ready to Drink Beverage Segment
    11. Rasna’s International Operations
    12. Case Update
    13. Questions for Discussion
  16. 9 Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd.: Narendra Murukambi the Turnaround Wizard
    1. Synopsis
    2. Company’s Vision
    3. Introducing Narendra Murkumbi
    4. Indian Sugar Industry: A View From the Top
    5. SRSL’s Strategies: How It All Began
    6. SRSL: Staying Ahead of Competition
    7. SRSL’s Venture into Ethanol
    8. Renuka Sugars: The Brazil Chapter
    9. The Brazil Foray
    10. The Secret Behind the Brazilian Acquisitions
    11. SRSL: Case Update
    12. Further Issues in Brazil: Subdued Performance
    13. Change of Events: Srsl’s Turnaround Strategies
    14. The Wilmar International Deal
    15. Structure of the Wilmar Deal
    16. Food for Thought
    17. Questions for Discussion
    18. End Notes
  17. 10 Marico: Growth Through Strategic Innovation and Diversification
    1. Synopsis
    2. Profile of the FMCG Industry
    3. Growth Prospects
    4. Company Background
    5. The Company: Vision, Mission and Values
    6. SWOT Analysis of the Company
    7. Domestic/Exports markets
    8. Financial Performance
    9. Human Capital—Number and Development
    10. Corporate Social Responsibility
    11. Business Strategy
    12. Recent Developments and Future Plans
    13. Questions for Discussion
  18. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Cases in Corporate Strategy
  • Author(s): Dileep Saptarshi, Jairaj Kochavara
  • Release date: September 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Education India
  • ISBN: 9789352861200