I want to start by giving thanks to the ultimate Creator, who has blessed me abundantly with relationships and opportunities that have profoundly shaped my life and career. Through His Son, He has given every aspect of my life an eternal perspective—yes, even enterprise software. All glory to God for the opportunity to write this story.

Thank you to my beautiful and encouraging wife Brittany, who always told me that I was a good writer (will let the court of public opinion now decide if she’s right). I wrote Category Creation over a two-and-a-half-month window of time that happened to overlap with (a) months eight to ten of our young daughter’s life, (b) preparation and presentation of Brittany’s master’s thesis, and (c) planning a 5,500+ person conference at Moscone Center. We were constantly stressed, usually sleep deprived, and each working independently toward our dreams. Brittany sacrificed the most—ensuring that she never skipped a beat as an incredible and intentional mother while successfully defending her thesis. She’s my superhero, and I’m thankful every day that she agreed to be on this crazy journey called life with me.

I am so grateful for my lovely daughter Cienna Brielle, whose hallway smiles and occasional office distractions fueled my motivation to get the book published and make her proud of her daddy. My wish for her is to reach her fullest potential in every aspect of life, and that through my efforts both at work and at home, I can play ...

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