Assessment Test

  1. You reload a router with a configuration register setting of 0x2101. What will the router do when it reloads?

    1. The router enters setup mode.
    2. The router enters ROM monitor mode.
    3. The router boots the mini-IOS in ROM.
    4. The router expands the first IOS in flash memory into RAM.
  2. Which of the following commands provides the product ID and serial number of a router?

    1. show license
    2. show license feature
    3. show version
    4. show license udi
  3. Which command allows you to view the technology options and licenses that are supported on your router along with several status variables?

    1. show license
    2. show license feature
    3. show license udi
    4. show version
  4. You want to send a console message to a syslog server, but you only want to send status ...

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