Configuring Single-Area OSPFv3

OSPFv3 configuration requires some basic steps: pick and configure a process ID, and enable the process on each interface, while assigning the correct OSPF area to each interface. These details should be listed in any planning information. Also, this book uses single-area designs only, so all the interfaces should be assigned to the same area.

The one potential configuration issue is the OSPFv3 router ID (RID).

For review, OSPFv2 uses a 32-bit RID, chosen when the OSPF process initializes. That is, when OSPF is first configured, or later, when the router is reloaded, the OSPFv2 process chooses a number to use as its RID. The OSPFv2 process chooses its RID using this list until it finds a RID:

1. If the router-id ...

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