Chapter 23. Using HSRP for Fault-Tolerant IP Routing

This case study examines Cisco's Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP), which provides automatic router backup when you configure it on Cisco routers that run the Internet Protocol (IP) over Ethernet, Fiber Distributed Date Interface (FDDI), and Token Ring local-area networks (LANs). HSRP is compatible with Novell's Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), AppleTalk, and Banyan VINES, and it is compatible with DECnet and Xerox Network Systems (XNS) in certain configurations.


Banyan VINES serverless clients do not respond well to topology changes (regardless of whether HSRP is configured). This case study describes the effect of topology changes in networks that include Banyan VINES serverless clients. ...

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