Configuring IPSec in Cisco IOS Software and PIX Firewalls

Now that you have learned about the concepts behind VPNs and IPSec, you will start looking at the hands-on configuration tasks required to configure IPSec VPNs to the standard required for the CCIE Security lab exam.

You will start by looking at a basic IOS-to-IOS IPSec configuration and a basic PIX-to-PIX IPSec configuration, both using preshared keys. Basic show and debug commands will be explained for each technology.

You then will expand on these initial configurations and cover more-advanced scenarios.

Case Study 19-1: Configuring a Basic IOS-to-IOS IPSec VPN

This case study sets up an IPSec VPN between two IOS routers using preshared secret keys. Figure 19-5 shows the network topology ...

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