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CCIE Routing and Switching v4.0 Troubleshooting Practice Labs

Book Description

CCIE Routing and Switching v4.0 Troubleshooting Practice Labs presents you with two full troubleshooting lab scenarios in exam style format to echo the real CCIE Routing and Switching v4.0 lab exam. This publication gives you the opportunity to put into practice your own extensive theoretical knowledge of subjects to find out how they interact with each other on a larger complex scale.

Each section has an “Ask the Proctor” section list of questions that helps provide clarity and maintains direction to ensure you do not give up and check the answers directly if you find a task too challenging. After each lab, this eBook lets you compare configurations and routing tables with the required answers. You can also run through a lab de-brief, view configurations, and cut and paste configs into your own lab equipment for testing and verification. The point scoring for each question lets you know if you passed or failed each lab.

This extensive set of practice labs that sell for hundreds of dollars elsewhere help you make sure you are fully prepared for the grueling CCIE lab exam experience.