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CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Exam Roundup LiveLessons—Networking Talks (Video Training)

Video Description

Scott Morris, the world traveling uber-geek has four CCIE certifications (Routing & Switching, ISP/Dial, Security and Service Provider) as well as the coveted CCDE. Rounding out the technology platform with Professional level certifications in tracks where a CCIE has not yet been achieved. Having over 25 years experience in just about all aspects of the industry has provided both an in-depth and an entertaining approach to disseminating knowledge. Whether involved in large-scale designs, or interesting implementations or expert-level training, you can often find Scott willing to share information. Whether gallivanting around the world for various consulting opportunities or developing and delivering great training materials, Scott finds ways to cultivate his knowledge as well. He has over 15 years classroom experience, plus several years of presenting at Networkers/Cisco Live events (including two years running as a Distinguished Speaker) as well as other industry events.