Chapter 5 “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz Answers

1: What are the three components of AAA? (Choose the three best answers.)
  1. Accounting

  2. Authorization

  3. Adapting

  4. Authentication

A1: Answers: a, b, and d

AAA is used for authentication, authorization, and accounting. Answer c is incorrect because adapting is not part of the security options available with AAA.

2: What IOS command must be issued to start AAA on a Cisco router?
  1. aaa old-model

  2. aaa model

  3. aaa new model

  4. aaa new-model

  5. aaa new_model

A2: Answer: d

The aaa new-model command starts authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). Answers a, b, and c are incorrect because they represent invalid IOS commands.

3: What algorithm initiates and encrypts a session between two routers' exchange keys between two ...

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