Basic Setup (1 Hour)

Configure the network in Figure C-1 for basic physical connectivity.

Communications Server (0.25 Hours)


Not all CCIE R&S labs require you to configure a communication server.

Configure the communication server so that when you type the host name of a router on the server, you are connected across the console port to that router. Set up the routers in Figure C-1 with the following physical attributes:

  • Set up the routers, as shown in Figure C-1.

  • Configure R1 as the communication server with the ip host command.

  • Communication server ports 2 to 8 are connected to Routers R2 to R8, respectively.

  • Communication server port 9 connects to the Catalyst Ethernet switch.

  • R9 is a Catalyst 6509 switch with a Multilayer Switch Feature ...

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