Section 2.0: Routing Configuration

2.1. Core Routing OSPF/EIGRP/RIP

  1. Configure core routing for all the above protocols on all routers in the network. Redistribute only where necessary; you must use your judgement. See the solutions below where required.

2.2. OSPF

  1. There is a loopback on R3 in Area66. You will see this route on all participating OSPF routers but not on R5, which is running RIPv1. The RIP network between R5 and R1 is a /27. You are redistributing OSPF into RIP on R1, but it will not redistribute the /28 since it has a different mask belonging to the same major net.

  2. The workaround is to summarize this in RIP on R1 to /27. Since you are restricted not to use a summarization technique, another technique to achieve this ...

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