Section 9.0: IP Services and Protocol-Independent Features

9.1. NAT

  1. Configure TCP load distribution using destination NAT. See Example 3-34.

  2. The pool defines the addresses of the real hosts.

  3. The access list defines the virtual address.

  4. Verify by Telnetting to virtual IP from R5 two times. Each time you should land on different routers—that is, load balance between R2 and R3. See Example 3-35.

Example 3-34. TCP Load Distribution Using Destination NAT
						!Snip from R4 config interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip nat inside ! interface Serial2/0 ip address ip nat outside ! ip nat pool real-hosts prefix-length 28 type rotary ip nat inside destination list 1 pool real-hosts ...

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