Section 1.0: Basic Configuration

1.1. IP Addressing

  1. Redraw a detailed topology. This helps you visualize the entire topology with all the necessary information and eases the troubleshooting process.

  2. Configure IP addressing as shown in Figure 6-1.

  3. Configure loopback(s) as indicated. All loopbacks will be used in exercises to follow.

  4. Make sure you can ping all devices after you finish each individual exercise and toward the end of all the exercises.

1.2. Frame Relay Configuration

  1. Configure R4 as a Frame Relay switch using the DLCI information provided for Frame Relay routing in Figure 6-2.

  2. Configure Frame Relay between R3, R5, and R6. Configure subinterface(s) on R6 only. See Table 6-2 for link information.

  3. Do not configure subinterfaces on any other ...

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