CCIE Security v4.0 LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description

5 Hours of Video Instruction


CCIE Security v4.0 LiveLessonsis a practical video tutorial for CCIE Security Certification mapping to both written and lab exam topics with concepts and solutions.

This video series will be based on the major topic areas of the v4.0 lab exam topics and will include configuration and troubleshooting tips and examples based on a network topology that may be implemented by the reader in their own environment.

Each session represents a major domain of security concepts and solutions implemented using Cisco security products and solutions. This video tutorial covers topics relevant to the new exam version 4.0 so it is updated to reflect major industry trends and the latest Cisco security offerings. It is designed to accompany the practical lab guide and also presents information relevant to the CCIE Security V4.0 Written Exam.

Major sections are as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Network Design and Understanding Security Tools
  • Lesson 2: Identity Management
  • Lesson 3: Perimeter Security Methods
  • Lesson 4: Intrusion Prevention and Content Security
  • Lesson 5: Secure Access Solutions
  • Lesson 6: System Hardening
  • Lesson 7: Threat Identification and Mitigation

About the Instructor

Natalie Timms is the former product manager with the CCIE program at Cisco Systems, Inc., where she managed exam content for the CCIE Security track and introduced Version 4.0. She has more than 15 years of Cisco networking experience working in various roles: field sales specialist, product manager and software engineer. Natalie has contributed at the IETF standards level and been involved with various certification programs for Cisco VPN based products, specifically ICSA and FIPS. Natalie is a a three time CiscoLive Distinguished Speaker award winner, holder of several security related US patents, and am a former network training developer and instructor (Wellfleet Communications). Her educational background includes a BSc in Computing Science and Statistics from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Skill Level

  • Advanced

What You Will Learn

  • Network Design and Security Tools
  • Identity Management
  • Perimeter Security Methods
  • Intrusion Prevention and Content Security
  • Secure Access Solutions
  • System Hardening
  • Threat Identification and Mitigation

Who Should Take This Course

The target audiences for this video course are prospective candidates for CCIE or those professionals seeking a definitive reference guide for security information, in particular how it pertains to Cisco products and solutions. There is also a secondary audience that includes those currently evaluating the requirements in terms of content and complexity, needed to attempt CCIE security certification.

The primary audience includes:

  • Network security administrators
  • Network security engineers
  • IT professionals supporting both network and host security
  • Network security auditors
  • Network managers dealing with network security
  • Enterprise/Industry CERT team members
  • Network Security consultants
  • Network security designers/architects
  • IT network security policy makers
  • Enterprise/Vendor network security support personnel
  • Network security trainers
  • Network equipment vendor security test engineers

Course Requirements

Required knowledge/experience assumed includes a good understanding of security basics and familiarity with general networking concepts, infrastructure and communication. Readers should have practical experience in network admin and/or design. A CCIE Security candidate should have the following core competencies:

  • General networking
  • Strong TCP/IP including IPv6
  • Knowledge in network architecture and design
  • General network security implementation principles
  • Knowledge on security regulations and compliances
  • Knowledge on various security protocols
  • General knowledge on common operating systems and system admin tools

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: The Foundation of a Secure Network

Lesson 1.1: Understanding the Network Design

Lesson 1.2: Understanding Security Tools

Lesson 2: Identity Management with Cisco TrustSec

Lesson 2.1: Network Device Admission Control (NDAC)

Lesson 2.2: Security Group Access

Lesson 3: Perimeter Security Methods

Lesson 3.1: Cisco ASA Identity Based Firewalling

Lesson 3.2: Cisco Zone-Based Firewall Concepts

Lesson 4: Intrusion Prevention and Content Security

Lesson 4.1: Cisco IPS Deployment Modes

Lesson 4.2: Cisco WSA–User Authentication and Transparent Proxy

Lesson 5: Secure Access

Lesson 5.1: Cisco FlexVPN

Lesson 5.2: Wireless Access Methods

Lesson 6: Device Hardening and Availability

Lesson 6.1: Device Hardening Methods

Lesson 6.2: Device Management

Lesson 7: Threat Identification and Mitigation Techniques

Lesson 7.1: Cisco IOS Methods

Lesson 7.2: Cisco ASA Methods

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  • Title: CCIE Security v4.0 LiveLessons (Video Training)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 013376253X